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Website Analytics

Today's automobiles come equipped with in-vehicle computers that alert drivers to problems, diagnose them and record data that enables service technicians to evaluate how well the car is performing.

Google Analytics and complementary products do the same thing for your company website. As Web analytics experts, we help you select, implement and maintain the appropriate analytics packages to keep your website running in peak condition and alert you to website problems — and uncover opportunities for your website to generate more sales leads and higher-quality sales leads.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have analytics package for every website. It provides a wealth of data relating to traffic, on-site user behavior and conversions, as well as enabling companies to establish, monitor and evaluate customized goals such as achieving a certain number of conversions for a particular call-to-action. As Web analytics specialists, we set up and configure Google Analytics to track items of importance to the client's website strategy, and filter out information that distracts from or distorts key data points.

With Google Analytics, companies see which website pages are attracting attention, which pages visitors are leaving, how much website traffic is coming from organic sources and other sources, and additional information that helps companies continuously improve the quality of their websites and deliver visitors an increasingly strong user experience. The result: steadily improving lead generation and e-commerce revenue production.

2. Visitor Tracking

Google Analytics does not store a visitor's IP address or make the data available to users, which means companies must use other analytics tools to track detailed information on individual website visitors. Our Web analytics services include selection, setup and maintenance of visitor tracking analytics packages.

Understanding individual visitors helps companies to greatly improve their Internet marketing targeting and overall effectiveness, by answering questions such as what companies do your website visitors work for, how often do they visit your website, what do they do on your website, etc.

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3. Lead Tracking

Lead tracking is vital for continuous improvement in website lead generation: Without knowing the source of conversions, how can a company know where best to invest its Internet marketing budget?

Forms. Because Google Analytics has the ability to report only a count of how many forms were submitted as part of a goal, our Web analytics specialists help clients by setting up form-tracking systems to capture details of the actual forms that are submitted. With this granular data, clients can understand both the quantity and quality of form leads, and determine the source of the lead.

Phone. Google Analytics provides no data for offline conversions that happen through inbound phone calls. Many companies overlook this important tracking consideration, and hamper their lead generation results as a consequence. Phone leads are often the best type of leads, and special analytics tools implemented by our team enable clients to measure the number of phone leads coming from each source, as well as to listen to recordings of phone calls to further qualify them, and to evaluate and improve their lead follow-up techniques.

Website analytics may not be the most glamorous aspect of website development, but it is nevertheless a facet of the company website that must be executed to perfection. With nonexistent, incomplete or improperly configured analytics, a company will overlook opportunities to generate more leads, be oblivious to problems that are impeding user experience on its website, and squander large portions of its Internet marketing budget.

If you would like our Web analytics experts to review your current setup, or help you implement a new one, please contact us now at 855-883-0011 or request a quote.