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Technology is making movies flashier than ever — with special effects, high-definition video and 3D technology that leads to an incredibly lifelike experience. In order to draw attention to a movie and capture potential viewers, a movie’s website design also must be a cinematic experience.

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Whether for a movie in the theaters, a made-for-TV film or an online movie experience, the goal of a website is the same — websites for movies need to attract visitors and entice them to buy a ticket or tune in. Working with a movie web design firm and having a clear understanding of what a movie’s website needs to offer is critical to creating a movie website that will convert.

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Key Components of Effective Movie Websites

What elements do a movie website need to be effective? Here are five key components of a movie website that will convert people into fans.

1. Overall design that reflects the tone of the movie

When a visitor lands on a movie’s website, the genre of the movie and its overall theme need to be instantly obvious. Every website design element needs to support that genre and theme. For this to happen, movie producers need to work closely with a movie web design agency to collaborate on a design that captures the overall feel of the movie.

2. Easy-to-follow purchase process

A good movie website makes it easy for visitors to buy tickets, purchase the movie or view it online. Once the site captures the interest of a viewer, it needs to naturally direct them toward and through the purchase process.

3. Interactive entertainment features

Movies are intended to entertain, and a movie’s website needs to do this as well. To capture the cinematic feel of a modern movie, movie websites should give visitors something to do. Interactive features — such as building a character, playing a game, exploring the movie’s world — or similar features that engage visitors are effective at capturing their attention and enticing them to view the movie.

4. Mobile-friendly design elements

It’s critical that a movie website works well on mobile devices because people will often use their smartphones to check out movies/trailers that are of interest to them. Creating a responsive design and an app-like experience with the help of a movie web design company will make your site an effective marketing tool.

5. Content that drives sales and supports branding goals

The overall look and feel of a movie website is its most important feature, but its content also is a crucial element. Content needs to be woven into the design so that it naturally entices people to see the movie or purchase tickets. The website’s words, images and videos need to support the movie’s branding goals, too.

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