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Personal Services Web Design Company

Does your business provide personal services, such as hairdressing, massage or tax accounting? Your personal services website needs to generate traffic, but not just any traffic. You want to attract and engage your best potential customers, and get your ideal clients booking you as their service provider.

Good personal services website design will exude your brand and give your visitors something to grab onto that lets them know you understand their specific needs. It will also show them that you're reliable and trustworthy, so they'll want to build a relationship with you.

Whether you use a personal services web design company or build it yourself, your website should include the following best practices:

  • Use a clean, uncluttered design and make sure your site is easy for visitors to navigate. A well-structured site map can help both human visitors and search engine bots find their way around.
  • Place your service hours and after-hours contact information prominently on your site where they can be easily found. Customers have emergencies, and they need to know you’re available and easy to reach.
  • Provide useful content that shows you are knowledgeable and can help solve their problems. Adding a blog is a great way to do this. Updating it regularly will keep your visitors engaged and improve your search engine rankings. If you don’t have the internal capability to keep up with a blog, hire a personal services web design agency to help.
  • Tell client success stories in your blog posts (with their permission, of course). It’s like word of mouth in print!
  • Use authentic pictures of yourself and your staff in action. This means no stock photos on your website.
  • Confirm that you provide complete confidentiality; knowing you keep their private business private will build trust in you as a provider.
  • Include testimonials on your personal services website to show that others trust you. Whenever you can, get permission to use names and photos. Or better yet, get your clients to do video testimonials on your behalf.
  • Include a calendar of your community activities so potential customers can meet you face to face.
  • Always post warranties, guarantees and disclaimers so there’s complete transparency ... another trust builder.
  • Consider offering a useful piece of information such as a checklist or guide sheet on your site for visitors to download in exchange for their email address. That way you can add them to your newsletter list and follow up regularly to increase conversions from your site over time.
  • Your website should be mobile-responsive. Even if you don’t think your target market is often on the run, you’d be surprised — more people now search online with mobile devices than with desktops. Mobile-friendly sites are favored by Google as well.

Your reputation is always on the line, and your website is the perfect place to begin building confidence in your potential clients. When investigating personal services web design services, make sure the designer knows your target market’s sensibilities. When people seek a dentist, financial planner or plumber, they want a professional they can trust. A reputable personal services web design firm will create a branded website design that shows your convictions and speaks to the needs of your clientele.

To learn more about Straight North’s personal services website design services, call us now at 855-883-0011 — or request a quote online.

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