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Recruitment Web Design Agency

Where do most people start looking for a job? Online, of course! Same goes for companies looking for a staffing agency. Because online competition between recruiting agencies is fierce, a website design that stands out from the crowd is essential. Your recruiting website also needs to work effectively to attract online views and generate plenty of leads.

Here are some pro tips recruiting web design agencies use to create winning staffing company websites.

Use Mobile-Friendly Design

More people search online with phones and tablets than with desktops. This is especially true of job seekers, many of whom use their breaks and commute times to research better jobs. When hiring a recruiting web design firm, be sure they have expertise in mobile-responsive design.

Create A Great User Experience (UX)

Website visitors have short attention spans and low tolerance for frustration. You can turn this to your advantage by making your site easier to use than your competitors’ sites. Start with these UX basics:

  • Create clear, simple navigation so your users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Your search functions need to work fast and flawlessly.
  • Make sure all your forms are easy to find, understand and use. (It should be very easy for candidates to apply for jobs and submit their resumes.)
  • Use clean design, legible font and clear, easy-to-read copy. Bold headlines and short paragraphs are far more effective than intimidating blocks of text.
  • Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms is a boon to users and takes advantage of the traffic potential from these sites.

A reputable recruiting web design company experienced in UX will have more suggestions to help your site users feel at ease. Incorporating these will significantly increase conversions on your site.

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Differentiate Your Company

Why would someone want to work with your staffing agency above any other? A good website design will let them see this at a glance. Website features such as these will help your company stand out.

  • Bold, unique design. Your recruiting web design agency will use striking photos, graphics and color combinations to help you develop a unique online presence specifically designed to attract your ideal clients and candidates.
  • The human touch. Both clients and candidates want to work with people they like, so include a searchable staff directory with smiling photos of all your agents and staff.
  • Eye-catching video. Videos are a great way to engage your visitors and increase the amount of time they spend on their site, which helps improve conversions. Videos also tend to show high in search results and can help generate traffic to your site.
  • Lots of excellent content. One of the best ways to differentiate your staffing agency is to constantly publish tips, articles and other helpful content. This will demonstrate your expertise and help draw visitors to your site. Blogging is an excellent way to do this; if you don’t have the time or desire to blog, ask your recruiting web design firm to help.

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to include strong calls to action to encourage your visitors to convert to candidates and clients. A good recruiting web design company can work with you to create a strong lead generation strategy that will help you leverage your site to best advantage.

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