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B2B Internet Marketing & Web Design Services

Increase Online Lead Generation for Your Business Services Company

A property management firm needs an accountant to handle a highly complex and specialized real estate transaction. The firm’s CFO starts by doing a few Google searches, and notices one accountant who shows up prominently every time. She places a call — and before long, becomes a new client.

SEO, PPC, Display Advertising & Responsive Websites for Business Services

Business to business search engine marketing services run the gamut but have one thing in common: They are all highly competitive. Straight North has been helping business services firms outmaneuver the competition online since 1997. We will help you generate highly qualified online leads through expert execution of Internet marketing campaigns, including B2B SEO, PPC and display advertising.

Lead Generation Tailored for Services Firms
Our business services clients include B2B firms that provide an impressive range of services: legal services, accounting, payroll, advertising, office administration, facilities support, employment, travel, IT and investigation/security.

Being intimately familiar with the competitive landscape, we know the types of questions prospects have when looking for the services you provide. We position your B2B PPC, SEO, and display advertising campaigns, not only to be visible on search engines — but also to make you the best solution for prospects. The result: lead generation campaigns that deliver highly qualified prospects, year in and year out.

Responsive Websites: A Must-Have for Appealing to Business Clients
Your prospects are no longer chained to a desk. Instead, they do business on the move from tablets and smartphones, making it imperative for your company website to deliver a great mobile experience. Straight North specializes in B2B website design for business services firms, creating mobile-friendly websites that display optimally on whatever size screen your prospects and customers happen to be using. Just another way we help you get ahead of the competition … and stay there.

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Advantages of an Agency Focused on B2B Business Services

Because of our experience in the business services sector, our Internet marketing campaigns get results, and get them quickly:

  • Our B2B clients provide services to customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to mid-market businesses. Our learning curve is fast, saving you time and enabling us to hit the ground running.
  • We understand the language of business services, making our content and designs highly effective, both on your website and in content to support your Internet marketing campaigns.
  • We’ve built buyer personas for CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, HR Directors, IT Directors, Operations Managers and other corporate decision makers. We’re experienced in creating marketing plans to reach these audiences and tailoring your SEO and PPC strategies around these individuals’ search habits.
  • We’ve built a vast network of publishers, bloggers, industry directories and professional associations that will link to your website, sending a powerful signal to Google that you’re an authority in your space.
  • We’re in the data business — we know what keywords work: Which ones bring traffic, which ones convert, and which ones are red herrings. We prioritize our work to bring you targeted traffic.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call today at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online.

A Proven Track Record of Success in the Business Services Sector

Check out some of the places where Straight North has produced mentions for our business services clients:

  • The Association for Information and Image Management
  • Operations Summit 2015
  • Small Business Bonfire
  • Oracle
  • SalesForce
  • The Huffington Post
  • Freshbooks
  • BusinessInsider
  • And many, many more …

Please contact us at 855-883-0011 to discuss your internet marketing needs. We are eager to learn more and see if we can help you.

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