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Austin Email Marketing Services

Want to drive sales and customer loyalty for your Austin-based business? Email marketing is a powerful way to do it. More than 75 percent of people prefer to hear from companies via email over any other channel, including text, phone, social media or direct mail. No wonder 80 percent of retailers consider email the most effective driver of customer retention.

Straight North is an Austin email marketing company that helps small to medium-sized businesses improve their email marketing results. Our Austin email marketing services include:

  • Market research — Before we write the first subject line, we conduct a thorough discovery process to be sure we know your company, your customer base, your products and services, and your sales process inside and out. This important step ensures perfect alignment between our team, and enables seamless integration of your email marketing campaign with your existing sales process.
  • Email marketing strategy — Our goal as your Austin email marketing firm is to deliver the best possible ROI from your email marketing campaign. This first requires crystal clarity on your target audience and campaign goals. Once we’ve achieved that, we utilize our in-depth knowledge of email marketing to create a powerful campaign strategy for meeting those goals.
  • Email production — Email marketing requires expertise in a number of Internet marketing skills and tools. When you work with us, you get one of the most comprehensive email marketing services on the market, capable of sophisticated split testing and audience segmentation to maximize response. You will also have an entire team of email production specialists at your service, including copywriters, web designers and email marketing specialists. Every member of our team is well versed in conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is the science of persuading your email audience to take action. Our designers are also experts at optimizing user experience (UX). That means the emails we craft for you are designed using proven principles for making it easy for your customers to read, understand, click and buy.
  • Comprehensive email campaign reporting — You have a right to know (and have explained to you) exactly what is going on with your email marketing campaign. We offer robust and transparent reporting, and review results and ROI with you monthly.
  • Email tracking, testing and optimization — Our goal as your Austin email marketing agency is to continually improve results from your email marketing campaign. We work with you to meticulously track all actions, leads and sales generated from every email we send. But we don’t stop at reporting. The next step is to analyze results and ask, “How can we make the next one better?” Using techniques ranging from split testing to process optimization to optimization of every aspect of the email campaign from subject lines to landing pages, we constantly tweak and adjust to improve results. 

For more information about Straight North’s Austin email marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses, call us at 855-883-0011 — or request a quote here.