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Competition in the limo industry is heating up. New business models, and new value-added services from established firms make it more important than ever to define your target customers very precisely, and communicate with them through the right marketing channels.

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The Best Ways to Implement Marketing For Limos

In a world filled with new and trendy transportation options, limousine companies need savvy limo marketing in order to stand out among the competition. Both small companies and large fleets can use limo marketing services to target their clientele and book business for travel, airport pickups, weddings, proms, parties and more.

The Benefit of Partnering With a Limo Marketing Agency

One of the best ways to promote the luxury limousine experience is by working with a limo marketing company. A professional marketing agency will be able to celebrate the unique value proposition of luxury travel and help a limo company leverage that value to entice new customers and drive more business.

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Some of Today’s Leading Types of Marketing for Limos

How can today’s limo companies better promote their services and draw new clients? From Internet marketing to offline efforts, here’s a look at some of the most effective limo marketing services that are available.

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is all about getting a limousine company’s name and value offering front and center in search results. Rather than a mere focus on keywords, it requires strategy, research, content creation and content marketing — all services that a professional limo marketing company can provide.
  • PPC: A good PPC campaign can get a limo company out in front of even organic search results, so prospects looking for limo services find you instead of the competition. A limo marketing firm is able to offer the expertise of search specialists, lead tracking — and better results.
  • Responsive Website: All the SEO and PPC marketing in the world won’t matter if they direct leads to a nonfunctioning or lackluster site. The best website for a limousine company is one that’s totally responsive, designed to scale to whatever device and browser is used. Likewise, that site needs to be designed strategically in order to appropriately represent a specific limo business and its values. Working with a limo marketing agency, a limo company can get professional help to build the kind of unified, effective web design that will convert prospects.
  • Emails: In the world of limousine marketing, email marketing can be useless or game changing. What makes the difference is strategy. For this reason, limo companies often find that working with a limo marketing firm pays off in terms of email creation, design, deployment, management, tracking and conversions. Both cold emailing and emailing existing customers can be a powerful way to drive new business.
  • Coupons/Discounts: One great way to promote limousine services is through special offers. Sometimes, the same lead that would have generated nothing becomes a converted lead through a free bonus that comes with a purchase or a discount available on a special occasion.
  • Direct Mail: Along the same lines as email but with an old-school twist, direct mail can still prove useful for some limo companies. For best results, the mail should be targeted to specific prospects, such as those within a certain geographic radius of a location. The more personalized the mail, the more likely it is to be noticed.

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