How Do You Like To Write?

February 7, 2017

Being a writer and working with writers, I’ve learned one thing: Writers are quirky. Like baseball players, writers have a certain pregame routine; strong preferences for dress and equipment; and unique approaches to the craft that get major league results.

How do you like to write? Please share in comments — you may help a writer improve his or her game! Here are my main work habits.

  • I never, ever listen to music while working — way too distracting. I can concentrate on only one thing at a time, if that.
  • Love my simple keyboard. The minimalist elegance of this keyboard reminds me of what I am trying to create.
  • Life is good with my 27-inch, 2560x1440 monitor. Being able to keep several items open and visible on the screen is a big help on assignments where I need to refer to research data, publisher guidelines, wireframes, design templates, etc.
  • Early mornings, 5 to 9, is when I am most alert and creative, so this is when I tackle assignments demanding a highly creative approach and/or involving complex ideas.
  • Cannot, will not and must not begin writing without a very large cup of very black, dark roast coffee deskside.
  • Comfortable clothes help me focus, since I am easily distracted by tight collars, uncomfortable shoes or any sartorial annoyance in between.
  • I don’t like to work on multiple assignments at the same time. Preferable is to start one and finish it, in one stretch of writing, if possible.
  • Over to You

    How do you like to write?

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