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Whether it’s for a wedding or a bat mitzvah, there are plenty of options available when someone is looking to book a DJ. That’s why DJs need quality website design to stand out in the industry.

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Before someone calls you about an event or sends an email with a question, he or she has probably already formed an impression of you. How? When people land on your website, they gather more than contact information. The way you present your information, showcase past events and market your services all combine to create a first impression about your business. Whether your site entices prospects to contact you or turns them away to a competitor depends a lot on website design.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

DJ Web Design Services to Generate New Leads

When you’re looking to increase business as a DJ, you can’t ignore the power of the Internet. Through the support of a professional DJ web design firm, you can cast a wider net to generate leads and get more prospects to contact you. With that goal in mind, a DJ web design company will likely recommend a variety of best practices to guide your site, such as:

  • Professional images. Avoid stock photos of musicians or parties, and opt for professional photography showcasing your work. You want the images to communicate a sense of professionalism and provide prospects with information about your business.
  • Valuable content. Fill your site with content that is helpful and valuable to your target audience. Forget filler content; produce copy that answers prospects’ questions, communicates your authority in the industry and is optimized with relevant keywords.
  • Updated content. Consider adding a blog to your site, and post regular updates. Fresh content makes your site more authoritative and tells search engines that you’re active online, which is good for search rankings.
  • Music samples. Given that people hire you to play music at their events, featuring a music player on your website can be a great way to showcase your skills. You might include a few sample mixes, or upload tracks that demonstrate your versatility as a DJ. If you typically perform at corporate parties, weddings and/or other specific events, cater your samples to those types of gigs.
  • Highly visible contact information. Your company’s phone number and contact information should be prominently displayed throughout your site — so prospects can quickly and easily reach out to you.
  • Testimonials. Build trust with visitors by displaying testimonials from satisfied clients. As prospects see that other people have enjoyed your services, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a DJ web design agency such as Straight North can help you gain business through a strong online presence, call us at 855-883-0011 — or request a quote online today.

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