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Straight North Kicks Off 2009 with Continued Success for Its Clients

April 16, 2009

Chicago marketing services firm, Straight North, continues to help its clients succeed and effectively communicate their brand position in 2009.

Chicago, IL, April 16, 2009 --( Straight North, a well-known Chicago marketing services firm, recently announced that it is kicking off the New Year with continued success for its clients. By effectively communicating its clients’ respective brand positions, Straight North is on track to make 2009 another successful year for both itself and its clientele.

Unlike most Chicago marketing firms, Straight North employs a unique combination of marketing strategy combined with creative design to develop effective, targeted marketing campaigns. By providing marketing services for firms in a variety of different industries including banking, manufacturing and communications, the fully integrated marketing company strives to deliver intelligent and creative solutions to help its clients meet their revenue, profitably and market position objectives.

“We are thrilled to kick off 2009 with such fantastic results for our clients. Through our unique service offering, Straight North is committed to helping our clients achieve ongoing business success. Our exceptional design capabilities combined with our unique approach to marketing strategy is a winning combination,” says Josh O’Berski of Straight North.

Straight North credits much of its clients’ success to its expansive service offering. The Chicago marketing company’s creative services include graphic design, web design, copywriting, and brand development. For added convenience to its clients, the firm also provides multimedia, photography and print management services. By offering the full spectrum of creative services, Straight North successfully designs eye-catching, customized marketing campaigns for its clients.

In addition to its creative service offering, Straight North also offers a variety of business services to help its clients market effectively. The firm’s in-house research staff employs several effective research techniques, including focus groups, Web surveys and face-to-face interviews, to generate information needed to make strategic decisions. Straight North supports all of its creative designs with research-based materials to ensure that the campaigns it develops are targeted to the most precise and receptive audience possible.

In addition to research services, Straight North offers business consulting to help its clients develop integrated business systems to increase sales, aid in management decision making and streamline recruitment techniques and strategies. The firm also offers consulting services for company strategy and direction, brand differentiation, and more. Additionally, the firm’s specialty print division provides unique printed presentation and lobby signage solutions.

“By treating our clients as partners, we work diligently together to create the most effective and personalized marketing solutions available. We are confident that in 2009 Straight North will continue to generate even more amazing results for our clients,” says O’Berski.

About Straight North: Chicago marketing services firm Straight North is an integrated marketing company offering a wide variety of creative and business services. From graphic design and brand development to business consulting and research services, Straight North excels at crafting targeted marketing strategies to meet client goals.