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Straight North Gives Back During the Holiday Season

January 10, 2013

DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Straight North, a leading Internet marketing agency headquartered in the Chicago area, gives back during the holiday season by showing appreciation for the Sentinels of The Old Guard.

The entire team at Straight North joined in thanking The Old Guard for their protection of the tomb that represents those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedom. Day and night, in rain or snow – even during Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters – this elite group of the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and honor their fallen comrades in official memorial services and ceremonies. SN team members Natalie, Krystal, and Eric baked homemade cookies to add a personal touch to the care package that included performance wear from Straight North client DRIFIRE, coffee, snacks, batteries, and other comfort items.

In the spirit of the holidays and in a continued effort to show respect for those who serve our country, Straight North is proud to lend a hand in this simple yet respectful way. “When we found out that a team member here at Straight North had a cousin who was currently serving as a Sentinel in The Old Guard, it didn’t take us long to fill boxes with goodies for him and the others in his unit,” said Kevin Duffy, President and Chief Creative Officer.

As a team, Straight North continues to look for ways to give back to worthy causes. “Having the opportunity to celebrate those people who serve our country or work to make it a better place is always a pleasure and an honor,” said David Duerr, Chairman and CEO.

Straight North is proud to support this elite group, the Delta Co. 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment. You can follow the service of the Sentinels of The Old Guard on Facebook at this link.