About Virginia Spine Institute

Virginia Spine Institute is a leader in spinal health care, demonstrating the latest advances in non-operative procedures, operative care, pain management and physical therapy. VSI’s unique practice model provides seamlessly coordinated care, delivered under one roof, by the nation’s top specialists, resulting in patients returning to their active lifestyles quickly and safely.


VSI came to Straight North with a strong website rich in content, including patient-friendly content about numerous spinal conditions and treatment options. What the company needed was on-page optimization driven by keyword research. Straight North leveraged our 360° keyword research methodology to identify phrases likely to be used by potential patients. We then applied our findings to enhance on-page content, rewrite title tags, upgrade headings and improve internal linking. Given the depth of the client’s content library, we prioritized conditions and treatments that were revenue-generators or strategically important services to the client, and then progressed to secondary pages.

Key Tactics

  • Conducted in-depth keyword research to understand how patients search for information and providers.
  • Optimized title tags to improve rankings of existing high-quality informational pages.
  • Improved internal linking structure.

Our SEO campaign has produced an increase in lead volume of 52.51 percent.


Our campaign has also produced an increase in organic search traffic of 93.74 percent.