About RedRidge Verification Services

RedRidge Verification Services provides employment screening, tenant screening and vetting services for a wide variety of businesses across many market verticals, including banking and financial institutions, government agencies, health care organizations and legal firms. RedRidge combines the latest technologies with industry expertise to deliver comprehensive, accurate and detailed data – empowering its clients to confidently make informed business decisions about potential employment candidates.


Straight North is more than an SEO partner for RedRidge Verification Services – we built the company’s new website, too. Our proven methodology for developing responsive websites ensured key SEO factors were baked into the site from the beginning, which allowed our SEO team to hit the ground running with a campaign to build up the site’s authority in search results.

Priority #1 when the SEO campaign started was strengthening the RedRidge domain. We focused on securing high-value links from trustworthy sites. Our outreach team secured guest authorship opportunities with leading websites in the multi-family housing sector – a relevant niche for the client’s tenant screening business. Opportunities in the human resources space boosted the site’s authority and relevance in the employee screening industry, while articles published on small business blogs gave RedRidge a well-rounded business backlink profile.

Key Tactics

  • Initiated sponsorship of local SMB organizations to improve local market rankings in key metro areas.
  • Created business profiles on corporate security, human resources and business management websites.
  • Published articles on relevant small business blogs.

SEO lead volume increased an even 200 percent since campaign launch.


Organic search traffic has increased a not-as-neat but just-as-impressive 78.47 percent since campaign launch.


Organic traffic has increased from 26 percent to 55 percent as a share of all website visits. This demonstrates the power of SEO to build awareness and interest among relevant search engine users.