About PVC Fittings Online

PVC Fittings Online is a leading on-line retailer of plumbing supplies, providing schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe and fittings, CPVC fittings and PVC accessories. PVC Fittings Online stocks thousands of products available for immediate shipping to locations across the United States and across the globe.


Straight North took a phased approach to improved rankings and traffic for PVC Fittings Online. We started by optimizing existing product pages and new products. As those pages gained authority, the category pages gained authority as a result and their rankings improved. We focused extensively on on-site improvements: Deeper, richer content based on our keyword research; improved title tags; better internal linking. Our focus on long-tail phrases – again, thanks to our keyword research – let us zero-in on customers who were at the transactional end of the purchasing funnel.

Key Tactics

  • Content and category expansion – added content to all category and sub-category pages.
  • Implemented extensive title tag, Meta description and heading optimization based on keyword research.
  • Developed a consumer-friendly resource center on the website focused on DIY PVC projects.
  • Created infographics to encourage linking to the site to boost domain strength.

PVC Fittings Online’s organic transactions are up 20,533.33 percent since the start of our SEO campaign.


Organic revenue is up 90,339.58 percent since the start of our SEO campaign.