About Glue Machinery Corporation

For over 50 years, Glue Machinery Corporation™ has been meeting the hot melt and cold glue machinery needs of manufacturers from a wide range of industries. Glue Machinery is a full-scale manufacturer of the finest adhesive machinery, serving clients of all sizes, including 3M, RR Donnelley and Sons, NASA, Barnes and Noble, Johnson and Johnson, Toyota, Coca Cola, and Sherwin Williams.


Glue Machinery began its SEO campaign with one simple goal: Generate more sales leads. For Straight North, that meant finding the segments with growth potential. We found our first target in hot melt equipment.

Key Tactics

Straight North began by restructuring the way pages and information were organized on the client’s site. The site architecture upgrade made it easier for search engines – and potential customers – to find critical product information.

We next worked to build page authority to hot melt product pages by writing high-quality articles in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The content-centric links from relevant, authoritative sites allowed these pages to rise in the search results, outflanking competitors. Our SEO team also added an on-site blog, which allowed Glue Machinery to demonstrate its knowledge and expertise in the adhesive machinery space. It wasn’t long before traffic to key product pages began climbing.


SEO lead volume is up 18.3 percent since our campaign launched.


First-time visits from organic search are up 62 percent in the first two years of the campaign.


Search traffic to the client’s key product pages has more than doubled (105 percent up) in just two years.