agencyEA is a brand experience agency, uniting brands with their target audiences through experiential, digital and traditional engagement. The firm works with some of the most successful organizations in the world, including P&G, Hilton Worldwide, Target and GE.


Our strategy is twofold: first, to improve the authority of selected portfolio pages on the agencyEA website; and second, to improve the conversion power of these pages by updating content and strengthening calls to action.


  • Conducted highly focused link building campaign to target pages.
  • Continuous testing and evaluation of calls to action on target pages.
  • Developed content outlines for new website pages to be targeted in a future phase of the campaign.
UP 8%
Total SEO website visits rose 8 percent year-over-year in this highly competitive industry.
UP 13%
Total SEO visits from new visitors rose 13 percent in the same period, reflective of our off-site, contentdriven link building effort.

The ultimate test of an SEO campaign is conversions: agencyEA has seen an increase in conversions of 2,400 percent since our campaign started. This illustrates how important conversion optimization is for SEO.