About EZLinks Golf

EZLinks Golf is an online website where golfers schedule tee times at public, private and semi-private golf courses throughout the United States. The firm engaged Straight North to build its current PPC into a stronger source of revenue. Because EZLinks was in a highly competitive business with several established competitors, success would not come easily.


  • Develop enticing promotions to improve appeal of PPC ads.
  • Adjust campaign scope based on seasonality throughout the various U.S. regions.
  • Use extremely granular targeting to achieve high user relevance.
  • Adjust and optimize campaigns to meet return on ad spend (ROAS) while driving steady revenue.

Key Tactics

  • Built out a detailed campaign with granular targeting, based on the locations of golf courses in the EZLinks network.
  • Managed close to 3 million keywords to cover the client’s tee time inventory and geo-targeting profile.

Over the course of our campaign, PPC revenues increased 124.85 percent — and that’s plenty of “green” in any industry, but especially in one as competitive as this.


Through our systematic, granular targeting, we produced ROAS of $13.20.


The EZLinks campaign required careful management of nearly 3 million keywords, making the increase in ROAS we achieved all the more difficult to obtain.