About Newins Insurance Agency Holdings

Newins is an insurance agency holding company, specializing in auto insurance. Management asked Straight North to design and implement a personalized email marketing campaign for four of its brands, to strengthen a feeling of community among customers.


Send periodic update emails to serve as reminders and build a sense of community.

Key Tactics

  • Created and managed emails across four different brands.
  • Created and managed emails in both Spanish and English for each brand.
  • Managed many levels of personalization for each email recipient, including name, store location and store phone number.
  • Communicated public service information, such as career fair announcements.
  • Kept current customers updated on important deadlines, such as vehicle sticker renewals.
  • Used responsive design for optimized viewing on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our email campaigns, built around a complex business model, created a strong sense of community among Newins’ customers.


Using list segments, we were able to personalize and send emails to 16 segments from only two Excel databases. Segments included English- or Spanish-speaking, current or previous customers, and the four brands under the Newins umbrella. Personalization inputs included name, store location and local store phone number.