About Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim is an online medical staffing company specializing in nursing. Management engaged Straight North to design and implement an email campaign to keep job seekers informed about new openings.


Remind job seekers of new job listings and the competitive benefits Maxim offers.

Key Tactics

  • Wrote headlines to arouse curiosity.
  • Incorporated visually powerful imagery in the design to capture attention.
  • Ran A/B split tests on subject lines to improve open rates.
  • Used responsive design for optimized viewing on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our email campaign produced a substantial number of clickthroughs to client website from job seekers.


Strong, continuous campaign improvement was achieved through systematic split testing of several campaign components, including subject lines, offers and design.


The January 2015 email produced 3,636 clickthroughs to the job board from nurses looking for new career opportunities.