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The world of real estate is more competitive than ever. Even just within your city or neighborhood, prospective tenants have plenty of options when they’re hunting for a new home.

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Long before a prospective tenant tours your apartment complex, he or she has probably formed an impression of your facilities. Simply by perusing your website, visitors generally learn what to expect and whether or not they’re interested in renting from you. This is why investing in quality website design is so important. With the help of an apartment web design firm, you can attract prospects to your location — rather than turning them off with an unappealing site.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Why Your Website Design Is So Important

Here’s a secret that a professional apartment web design company already knows: Almost 85 percent of conversions happen on the first website visit. In fact, that number dramatically decreases with each successive visit, so you need to have an impact immediately. Apartment web design services are designed with that goal in mind.

8 Tips for Effective Apartment Web Design

When you work with a professional apartment web design agency, here a few recommendations you’ll get for increasing website ROI.

1. Simplify your message. Instead of trying to communicate every detail of your apartment building’s history, features, ownership, management, tenants, guidelines, etc., focus on one big idea. For example, if you’re marketing to prospective tenants, why should they rent from you? What makes you unique? Use that message as your main point, and make it front and center on your site.

2. Make navigation intuitive. When someone visits your website, you want it to be easy to find information. To accomplish this, keep your navigation menu simple — ideally less than six items, with sub-navigation, if necessary. Likewise, create a design that guides users through the site so they land where you want them to land.

3. Showcase your contact info. Prominently display your phone number throughout your site — preferably in a fixed location on each page — so visitors know how to reach you when they’re ready to spring into action.

4. Make the site scannable. Visitors should be able to quickly scroll through your site to get information. Use headers, subheads, bold text, bulleted lists, etc., to communicate effectively.

5. Make the site responsive. When someone in your neighborhood searches on a smartphone for “apartments for rent near me”, you want your website to work properly. Responsive design ensures that your site performs well on all kinds of devices, from iPhones to desktop screens.

6. Use great visual content. Skip the stock images, and invest in professional photography that showcases your building, your apartments, your city, etc. You may even want to include 3D floor plans or virtual tours of your facilities. When prospects come to your site, you want them to be attracted to your location and eager to call you.

7. Include reviews. Showcasing reviews from happy tenants is a great way to build trust with your audience. Real reviews about your facility make prospects see value in renting from you.

8. Ask the visitor to call. Don’t assume your visitors will take the initiative to call; you need to ask or encourage them. A simple “call now” button can increase conversions.

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