Web Analytics Services

Understand your Internet marketing performance and how to improve it.

Our analytics programs provide actionable insights and a platform for continuous improvement.

Measure It, Manage It

Straight North offers complete web analytics services, including Google Analytics consulting and management. We help you track and understand critical metrics for Internet marketing effectiveness, enabling you to determine such things as:

  • Which search engines are generating traffic
  • Which keywords are bringing in traffic
  • Most popular pages on your site
  • Least popular pages on your site
  • Movement of visitors around your site
  • Where shoppers are dropping off in the checkout process
  • How well onsite calls-to-action are converting
  • How well PPC ad campaigns are converting
  • How well email campaigns are converting

We use a variety of tools to monitor and measure online activity, including in-depth tracking applications within Google Analytics. As part of our analytics service package, we can function as Google Analytics consultants with your in-house team to help them understand and more fully utilize the capabilities of that very powerful program.

Why Straight North: Number Crunching Is Just the Start

For any lead generation or e-commerce site, a solid analytics partner is an absolute must. Fully immersed in all aspects of Internet marketing, we understand not only analytics best practices, but the strategy and execution options behind the statistics we’re helping you analyze. Result: We don’t just throw numbers at you, but provide reliable interpretation and insightful suggestions for improving your online effectiveness.

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