Twitter Marketing Services

Are you connecting with buyers and influencers on Twitter? Chances are, your competitors are, and it’s paying off. Twitter is definitely not for the birds.

Straight North’s experienced social media experts can help you create a Twitter business strategy, expand your community (or even get one started) and start reaping the benefits

Twitter business strategy and services for firms seeking serious results.

Twitter Marketing Objectives

Firms tap into the power of Twitter for many reasons: lead generation, customer service, brand building and SEO, to name just a few. Astute marketers realize that Twitter is far more than a pop culture fad. Twitter plays host to a growing, active and engaged business community – people looking for the products and services your firm provides.

Our Twitter Marketing Approach

The first step for any sustainable Twitter program is to set clear, attainable goals that serve a serious business purpose. Once we’ve helped you accomplish that, we offer several engagement options to execute your plan. Flexibility is key: Some clients prefer to closely manage their Twitter activities, others want to outsource everything, and many are somewhere in between.

Why Straight North: The Necessary Blend of Creativity and Discipline

The challenge of Twitter marketing – especially in the B2B world – is to throw your heart into it without losing your shirt. We help you develop the creative approaches it takes to inspire engagement on Twitter, while keeping within clear sight your business objectives. In short, we enable you to use Twitter with profitable purpose.

Twitter Marketing Services from Straight North

Twitter strategy development, custom profile design and optimization, account monitoring and management, content production, syndication and optimization, community building, Twitter advertising management, brand monitoring, marketing campaign development, competitive analysis, analytics.

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