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Online Display Advertising

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Drive Inquiries that Convert into Sales Leads and E-commerce Revenue

Display Ads Work — When You Work with the Right Agency

If you are a growth-minded firm looking to increase sales leads or e-commerce revenue, digital display advertising is an option to strongly consider.

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Some people shy away from display ads because, as users, they find ads annoying. Don’t let this stand in your way. Ads are annoying when they are not relevant or properly timed. However, we design your display ad campaign to be just the opposite: relevant and properly timed. As a result, your campaign reaches qualified prospects and generate excellent leads and e-commerce traffic with high potential for conversion.

Display Advertising Campaign Structure – Covering All the Bases

Our full-time, in-house staff is proficient in the three most promising types of online display advertising:

  • Retargeting. Retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) ads display to people who have already visited your site and who have already established themselves as prospects. When done correctly, retargeting increases conversion rates 50% to 100%, or more.
  • Contextual Targeting. Contextual targeting is keyword-driven, and displays on websites with content that matches the keywords of the display campaign targets. When your ad displays, it is likely to be relevant and timely.
  • Site Targeting. Site targeting displays your ads on a group of relevant websites selected by you and us. Site targeting enables you to deliver a precise message to a highly qualified audience, not only generating traffic and leads, but also enhancing brand awareness and brand affinity.

The Huge Difference-Maker: Lead Validation and Reporting

We are the only display advertising agency that validates and reports sales leads in real time through an online dashboard. Our team actually reads every form submission and listens to every phone call, separating real sales leads from non-leads such as personal calls, job inquiries and customer service inquiries.

This is an invaluable service, enabling you to:

  • Review and act on sales leads while they are fresh.
  • Evaluate the performance of your campaigns based on actual sales leads.
  • Improve the quality of your sales process by listening to your phone sales inquiries.

In-house Design and Copywriting

With a full-time staff of over 60, we have a deep bench of Web designers and copywriters to produce your ads. The quality of your campaign never hinges on the talent or availability of a single individual – giving you the continuity and reliability you need to conduct an effective display ad campaign.

Full, Transparent Communication

Solid communication is a high priority for us. You work with a dedicated campaign manager, who keeps you fully abreast of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how well the campaign is working. Just as important, your campaign manager seeks your input and ideas for making your campaigns more effective.

What Next?

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