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Why We Are the Leading Chicago SEO Agency

Straight North, headquartered in the Chicago area, works with growth-minded, middle-market firms that want to drive more qualified traffic to their lead generation and e-commerce websites. We are the go-to SEO company in Chicago for many reasons, including --

  • Experience. Our track record of success goes back more than a decade.
  • Breadth and Depth. With a full-time, in-house staff of over 60 marketers, we have all the resources and talent to make your SEO campaign succeed. Our team includes keyword researchers, copywriters, editors, outreach specialists, campaign strategists, analysts, designers and developers. The success of your campaign never hinges on the availability or talents of a particular individual.
  • Transparency. We’ve been honing our SEO campaign system for years, and have documented all processes. If you are looking for a Chicago SEO company that shows its work and clearly reports results, we are the partner you are seeking.
  • Professional Campaign Management. A Straight North campaign manager, who is skilled in both SEO strategy and communication, coordinates your SEO campaign. This is another way we give your campaign continuity and transparency. Equally important, your campaign manager always looks for campaign modifications that continuously improve results.
  • Lead Validation and Reporting. We are the only Chicago search engine optimization firm that validates and reports sales leads in real time through an online dashboard. Members of our staff listen to every phone call and read every form submission associated with your site. We then separate sales leads from non-leads – for instance, misdials and job inquiries – and report both types on the dashboard. This unique service allows you to review (and potentially act on) sales leads while they are still warm. In addition, by listening to your sales phone calls, you can fine-tune your call-handling process and sales techniques. Finally, these data enable you to evaluate your SEO campaign on the precise number and quality of leads it is producing.

Bottom Line: Results

Chicago is a no-nonsense town, and we are not afraid to let our results speak for themselves. This is why we’ve made a heavy investment in lead validation and reporting. We want you to know exactly what you are getting for your SEO investment: how much traffic and how many real leads. Please contact us now to discuss how we can help your Chicagoland business get more organic leads on Google and Bing.

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