E-commerce Web Development

Services include site design, development, conversion optimization, testing and analytics.

We build e-commerce sites to sell, not just look good.

E-commerce Web Design Objectives

Firms come to Straight North either to build their first e-commerce website, or when they feel their current site is underperforming. We specialize in B2B sites across all verticals.

Our E-commerce Development Approach

We will work with a wide range of e-commerce platforms rather than push one or two in particular, since we understand that the best platform for you depends on your integration needs. Our project focus is on maximizing user experience (UX) on whatever platform is selected, thereby increasing your new site’s conversion rate, sales and profits.

Why Straight North: We Design Sites to Be Marketed

As a fully integrated Internet marketing firm, we take whatever platform you need and build a site that can be effectively marketed through email campaigns, PPC, SEO, remarketing, social media and other resources that may be at your disposal. With Straight North, you won’t launch your e-commerce site and wonder, “Now what?”

Learn more about two of our Straight North Recommended e-commerce platforms, Magento and Ubercart.

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