About Straight North

About Us

What we do. Internet marketing services, website design and development, corporate branding.
Who we work with. We partner with many types of organizations and specialize in middle market B2B.
Where we are. Straight North is headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA – just outside Chicago.
Where our clients are. We work with firms that market locally, nationally and internationally.
Our mission. To ignite our clients' online presence, and make every click count.
Difference makers. Please read the section below!

In Our Own Words

Here’s what some of our people say about Straight North. We thought it would be the best way to give you an idea of what we do and how we do it.

“We change client’s websites from a business expense to a revenue machine.”

“Great people working for great clients. A dedicated team of professionals excited to meet your marketing needs.”

“Straight North uses the Internet to change the way you do business.”

“We are experts at communicating with both human beings and technology, creating Internet marketing programs that influence visitors and command visibility on Google.”

“Brilliant people who are passionate about marketing, design, and the Internet.”

“Straight North is the perfect balance between being professional and deadline driven, while also embracing a casual sensibility that fosters creativity and innovation.”

“The lead generation company for mid-sized B2B companies.”

“Straight North is a powerful fusion of tried and true business principles and cutting edge beauty.”

“A place where the people who work here care about growth of the businesses we work with as if they were our own.”

“Really awesome at everything all the time.”

“We’re a team of energetic marketing people who combine strategy and creativity in everything we do - from web development to copywriting, SEO to design – for marketing solutions that drive success.”

“We’re a happy group but never satisfied, always looking for ways to improve internal processes and the results we get for our clients.”