Blog Marketing Services

RIDDLE: If you throw a blog up against the wall, what sticks? ANSWER: Nothing.

Successful business blogging requires creativity, careful planning, continuous improvement and a thorough knowledge of social media and SEO. We have it.

A Website without a Blog is a Car without an Engine

Blog Marketing Objectives

A blog powers a lead generation or e-commerce website. A blog is arguably the most important onsite content element of a site in terms of driving SEO. A blog also gives your best customers and prospects a platform where they can interact with your brand.

Our Blog Marketing Approach

SEO best practices are baked into every aspect of our blog development, content creation and social media syndication work. We help you create a blog that is visually compelling, engaging, informative, and as appealing to search engines as it is to readers.

Why Straight North: Experience and Expertise

We’ve been building blogs and managing blog content for scores of clients since 2003. Brad Shorr, Straight North’s Director of Social Media, is a respected blogger and blogging authority whose work has been published on leading industry websites. We’ve got a team you can trust.

Blog Marketing and Optimization Services

Business blog strategy development, social media engagement strategy, blog design and development, blog marketing optimization services, content production and optimization, subscription management, community building, blog promotion strategy, comment management, competitive analysis, analytics.

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